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Wednesday, 17 July 2013


 I am home-schooled and I get to do work I want to do, rather than what the curriculum states. My mum gave me 'Animal Farm' to read, It is one of the best books I have ever read. It opened my mind to how governments try to control us and how corrupt leaders can be. I am a real fan of Karl Marx, he has given me the strength to stand up for up what I believe in. His beliefs gave me inspiration for a poem.

  Karl Marx, a man of his time, born 1818 died 1883.
  Kicked out of Paris, Berlin just with strong words, well that didn't phase him.
  Came to England, bad timing though.
  The revolution didn't annoy him, helped him though.
  Helped millions with a paragraph of words.
  Had an army that he could have used.
  See Gadaffi, guns kill but words destroy.
  We need a new Karl Marx, who could it be.
  People believe the world will end by a bomb.
  But I know, it will be a bomb that has been ticking at the beat of this poem.
  The politics are here to end our time.
  Could it be right now.
  If it is, this could mean a fight!

It is nearly the summer holidays, my last bit of work was; 
' I have been evacuated and I had to produce a three day diary to send to a friend.' 

Dear Friend

  The date of this letter is the 16/07/2016; I will record a three day diary. As you know it is the start of world war 3 and this will probably be the last letter you receive from me, as I am being evacuated to Scotland. Sadly I cannot tell you where I am going just in case the French get their hands on my letter (French are the people who started all of this).


Diary entry17/07/2016. I am getting the overnight train, because the ferry is too dangerous. The place is over-run with French soldiers. I am very upset because I have been separated from my family.  My mum is helping with something top secret, I have no idea what it is and worse of all, my brother Sebastian was called up to join the military training course. They have changed his name to Dave Sands as Sebastian is far too French sounding.

 I am saddened to learn, that this war might never end. I may not be able to play in the streets with all my friends, or go dancing or play cricket. But I convinced, if we stand together united we can win.

 I am convinced that we will not lose this war, apparently when we get to our secret locations, we will all be given firearms lessons.  

Diary enrty18/07/2016.   I am at my location, the cottage is amazing. I am sharing a room with a boy called Peter; he is only 6 years old, but I help him. He is a lovely little American boy, he has black hair and he is part native American. We are being looked after, by a married couple called Andy  and Jacky Greekly. They own a restaurant and sometimes it can be very noisy, as they have a lot of parties, just to keep everyone’s sprits up. It seems to work most of the time, they get so drunk and are unable stand up. I have amazing fun when I can go and party, everyone is friendly.  I hope you are having just as much fun as me though.

 I must end my diary now as I think the French army men are here, I hope we meet soon.

   Yours sincerely Reuben Sands

P.S. Do not tell them my name should they enquire. You see my name is Jewish, I was named after my grandfather. I will get in a lot of trouble for not using my false name (Justin Myths).  
Hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to comment or share :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


1. High heels were originally made for men in the 16th century.
2. Beethoven music teacher said that he would never be a composer.
3. There's no evidence that pirates made people walk the plank.
4. In 1900 you would probably die at the age of 47 and if live longer people worship you.
5. If you were a peasant in medieval time you would only live to 25 older if you were lucky.

Monday, 15 July 2013


MGM is a film studio in America, we all probably know their most famous film 'Wizard of Oz.' MGM offered me an audition for the lead boy role in a remake of a famous horror film (Shhhh, top secret). For the audition, I was sent over a script and I had to learn it 'off script.' I did the three scenes and then sent it back to my agent who gave me feedback. 

TV drama and films are very different from West End and Panto, mainly because on stage you can interact with the audience. When doing a film/drama you have tom be 'tight' most of the time and not over act.

But back to talking about the film, I was reading for a 8-10 year old boy. The boy is generally happy go lucky in character, but  he witnesses his sister killed by an evil ghost. It is a difficult part to play and I am having a bit of trouble with an American accent.  Auditioning for a MGM film is not easy and there is a lot of pressure, They work with big movie stars and expect you to be professional, even if you are only 12 years old, you get no slack. It is fun and I enjoy it, if it ever stops being enjoyable I would stop! My mum hates taking me to London and to auditions, she sometimes makes comments about pushy parents, which can be really embarrassing, but funny!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Work In Progress Tomorrow!

Work In Progress tomorrow, Friday 12th July 2013! I have been working really hard, so fingers crossed I will have made massive improvements over the last year. I am performing tap, ballet, hip-hop and an  exam piece (I got 95% distinction). Along with drama and the big finale! It will sad to see Ed and Mason leave to go onto full time performing colleges,

Ok, WIP was awesome! I had so much fun and the front flip smashed it, I could hear the clapping from the audience and my sister screaming (she should know better, she is 33)! I can't wait for Stagestruck classes to start again in September.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Living with Autism

I have a 14 year old brother who has autism and learning difficulties, he attends a Special needs School nearby. I love my brother, but it is hard living with someone who has autism,  he is 14 and going though changes. Sebastian knows something is going on with his mind and body, but he struggles to understand what is happening to him or why. Sebastian gets more agitated and stressed, but he can be so calm and gentle that he would never hurt anyone or anything for that matter.

Sebastian enjoys the outdoors and his own company, which makes it difficult when we want to go out as a family. We all have to consider how stuff impacts on Sebastian and how stressed he gets, like he  can't cope with crowds or seeing unhappy people. He hates London, because there are so many homeless people and that really upsets him. Sebastian, doesn't know how to express his emotions and so he flaps and spins.

Sebastian can be funny and has learnt some swear words, when he says them I laugh! He is mad about Coronation Street and we all have to watch it with him.....It is a bit sad watching a soap, but I don't mind, because I love him.

Mum took us to the War Rooms in London, Sebastian was a bit embarrassed having to wear the costumes. I soon cheered him up by acting silly, which made other people laugh too.

The thing which makes me a bit sad about having a brother with autism, is that I am only 12 and I have overtaken Sebastian. I am more like his big brother and I help him sort out stuff he finds difficult, such as telling him it is bedtime or explaining what people mean when they talk to him.

I worry about what Sebastian will do when he is an adult, I hope he gets a job with a good boss. My mum is great with Sebastian, she really pushes him and when everyone said he would never read she taught him herself. Sebastian is really good at reading now and he also learnt to sail, he is brilliant at swimming.

I think Sebastian is cool :)

Monday, 8 July 2013


My hobbies are dancing, music, extreme sports, scooters, skateboarding, longboarding, BMX, roller-skating, Mixed Martial Arts and cricket.

I have been dancing for  nearly 5 years, ballet, tap, modern, jazz and  hip-hop. I have an agent and travel to London quite a lot for auditions.

Blogging Boy!

Welcome to 'Blogging Boy.' My name is Reuben Sands and I am 12 years old. I am home educated, because the school I was attending discriminated against me (I will write about that next time). I have Four brothers and I am the youngest, three of my brothers have left home. I live with my mum and Sebastian or (Seb) who is 14 and Tilly, our Cocker Spaniel who can sing and do a high five! We also have two rescue guinea pigs, we did have three but we think a fox took one of them. We live in an little village called Gt. Bromley near Colchester.

                                                                  ENJOY :)

 Mum, Sebastian and me in Rendlesham Forest